Valentine's Day Menu



An intimate menu, meant to shared with someone special. 

$40 per person



 Prosecco toast with arancini & fontina fonduta



Romaine hearts, spigarello, radish, parmesan,

croutons, anchovy dressing


Grilled Treviso in a ginger-maple marinade,

roasted persimmon, burrata, balsamic


Baby kale, white radicchio, red grapes, pistachio-gorgonzola,

citrusy yogurt vinaigrette



Polenta Board

Creamy polenta served on a board, with your choice of the following


Braised short ribs, glazed baby carrots, carrot top

pesto, horseradish


Grilled shrimp, honeynut squash, mustard greens,

pepper relish


Roasted wild mushrooms, taleggio cheese,

pickled tomatillo salsa



Trio of Candies

 orange marshmallow, passionfruit truffle, guava pate de fruit